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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Who needs an engine boffin?!

Over the weekend I had time to pop in and see a guy called Scott, who lives somewhere south of the Forth Road Bridge (aka Edinburgh) for a bit of a full on fantastic feature for The Cub Mag - Scott has 8 complete Cubs and many more projects on the go. Anyway, while I was there, we got chatting about engine work, and before I knew it, he was demonstrating how to split Cub flywheels (with a view to GBC attemting to fit the roller big end conversion to that mean green machine called Yorkie), using the genuine Triumph tool.

Good job I took pics and video, cos in the time it takes to find the engine and clear a space on the bench, I might just have lost my nerve!

More on that either on here or deadlines and space permitting, maybe a 'how not to...' feature in the mag.

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