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Friday, 21 September 2012

Test machines wanted!

If anyone out there would like to have their Tiger Cub or Terrier tested by Gorgeous Biker Chick, for a future article in The Cub Mag, then please get in touch.  Specifically, at the moment, if you're based in Derbyshire (or 'near by') or the north of England then I might just have some time to kill around the end of October....(it'll probably have to be a week day or early evening before it gets too dark for photos).

It can be a road or off road based machine, and you can be assured that I won't be attempting to climb sheer rock faces or leap over cars or set a new Cub drag strip record.  It's just a chance for me to compare other peoples Cubs to my own fair example and tell the world why they should buy one.  Or two.  Or three or maybe four or five...ok...I'll go now.

Get in touch with gbc AT thecubmag.com for more info.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Issue Three...

Ladies and gentlemen, issue 3 will be out very soon and it will contain such features as -

Building a Budget Trials Cub.

My First Bike was a Tiger Cub...(I'm sure there are a lot more of you with the same story to tell, so c'mon, please share)

Gorgeous Biker Chick's Cubbie Restoration.

Mike Estall's Bermudan Adventure.

Price Watch - keep an eye on those Cub sales - and 'not' sales.

See No Evil - certain events are a must in a biker's lifetime, and Stu reckons that 'Banbury' is on that list.

Makin' Tracks - ok so it's autumn, but really, is there any difference in the weather?  Still time to get out and ride before it actually turns to winter.

Show Time!  A view from the inside track, from those who volunteer to take bikes and set up a stall and spend the weekend being cold and hungry...and a view from those who enjoy it!

Well I think that's enough to keep you going for now.  If anyone wishes to collect their copy from the Stafford show, just get in touch - gbc AT thecubmag.com.