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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

One Hundred And One...

Thought you'd like to see the pile of mags that Team Cub Mag has conjured up...
Since this photo was taken at some ridiculous hour last night, these mags have all been packed complete with subscribers cards and a wonderful little free gift. Envelopes have been sealed and labels attached. So now I can concentrate on packing all the gear for Stafford, oh, and printing the last 50 mags, just in case theres a run on subscriptions on the weekend. There'd better be!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Launch Announcement

Just a reminder that the first issue of The Cub Mag will not be available until after the Stafford show. If any of you would like to collect your mag from us at Stafford, please get in touch and give us plenty of warning. Please email gbc AT thecubmag.com if you want to collect in person. And remember, if you choose to collect in person, you can also browse the selection of Cub Mag goods on offer too. Make sure you take your pennies though as we don't take American Express yet ;-)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Another Special Deal...

The Cub Mag is pleased to announce that as well as the fantastic 10% discount from Greystones, we can also bring you a great new offer from Barrhead Auto Care. You can get your paws on COMMA CLASSIC OILS for only £18 for 5L - a bargain if ever there was one!

Pop along to their website www.barrheadautocare.co.uk and have a browse - then email Adam Adie at barrheadautocare@hotmail.co.uk and let him know you read The Cub Mag!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Time to subscribe!!!

I've spent many, many hours this last week slaving over the computer, editing, altering, moving things around, extending features - yes indeedy! Your first issue of The Cub Mag is now a massive 32 pages long and contains an amazing TWELVE full colour, full-on Cub filled features! I'm afraid you can't have any more pages, as then the postage would have to go up! Just to give you an idea of what's coming up, some of the features you can look forward to include....

Bantam Cub Vs Tiger Cub test

Captain Bill's "When I was in Oz..." feature

See No Evil - you'll have to guess what that one's about!

Mike Estall spills the beans on how the Cub Bible came into being

JINXED - one man's tale of a two and a half THOUSAND mile round trip to buy a Cub

Part 1 of the Gorgeous Biker Chick's Cubbie restoration saga

Makin' Tracks - our recommendations on where to ride your Cub

The story behind the brilliant Cub Forum www.cubsite.com/cubforum/index.php

Plus a page of details about suppliers offering very special deals and great service to Cub Mag subscribers

Oh! And much, much more!

If you haven't already subscribed, you can simply send an email to gbc AT thecubmag.com and request a subs form. Make sure you change the AT to @ and remove those spaces though...

Monday, 2 April 2012


Does anyone have an oval head they would be willing to sell? I was speaking to a guy yesterday who is very keen to display his 1961 Cub at the new Lanark show on the Scottish Cub Fest stall, but needs an oval head (in good condition) to finish the build to his requirements. If you can help, please email me gcb AT thecubmag.com but remember to change At to @ and remove the spaces.

Gorgeous Biker Chick.