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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

One Hundred And One...

Thought you'd like to see the pile of mags that Team Cub Mag has conjured up...
Since this photo was taken at some ridiculous hour last night, these mags have all been packed complete with subscribers cards and a wonderful little free gift. Envelopes have been sealed and labels attached. So now I can concentrate on packing all the gear for Stafford, oh, and printing the last 50 mags, just in case theres a run on subscriptions on the weekend. There'd better be!


  1. Ooooooh a free gift........wonder what it could be.......a fridge magnet.....lifetime tickets to the NMM in Brum......a wiring loom for Vicky so she has electrickery.......a wee dram in a wee container........a personally autographed pic of Cubbie AND Terry? I can't wait to get them all. (Yes, I do know about the shirt.)

  2. Can't wait to get mine. A neighbor of a friend of mine who started riding motorcycles again after a thirty year lay-off...was telling us about how his first bike was a Tiger Cub. Right after he had it fixed up it was stolen. I'll have to loan him my copy after I've read it. He knew a lot of the racers and motorcycle characters in town. Looking forward to some good stories out of him. Free gift...? The suspense builds.

  3. A free gift, ooh the suspense is killing me! I hope the weather improves for the weekend. See you there.

  4. At this rate, the free gift needs to be a toodle-umma-umma-umberella!

    1. Hope all you going to Stafford get your hands in your pockets & buy tee shirts, mugs & mag subs so I aint got load em back into the truck lol.

      Man from Muckle Flugga