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Friday, 30 November 2012

Comments from abroad.

Barry in Australia got in touch to order issues 2 and 3.  The postal service being what it is, issue 3 arrived first and he couldn't resist opening it!

"Too late.
I could not resist and was very surprised.  I think the Mag is great.  I loved the article on the first bike by Keith Brady so much so that I am tempted to write about my first Tiger Cub and the ill treatment and mishaps I had with it.  Of course it will be up to you whether you want to use it.  

I went to my bike club tonight and it seems that no one else has a Cub.  I will now read and fully digest all of the mag again.  

Thank you for such a great mag and look forward to No2.  

If you have a No 1 available I would love to buy that as well.
Regards Barry"

This was followed by another mail...

"...I managed to get a sub frame from Greystones. I bought some other bits as well so with my 10% discount I have nearly recovered my mag subscription.  Barry."

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Issue 3; Done & Dusted.

Well, that's the third issue of The Cub Mag out, work will soon be starting on Issue 4, which will be with you in January.  Due to Christmas post and snow (no negative thoughts here) the Cub Mag postal department estimates a mid-January delivery date.  Keep an eye on this page for contents info - and most importantly, for anyone who started from the April 2012 issue, this January mag will be the last one that you receive, unless you renew your subs!  Again, more info on renewals to follow.