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Friday, 30 November 2012

Comments from abroad.

Barry in Australia got in touch to order issues 2 and 3.  The postal service being what it is, issue 3 arrived first and he couldn't resist opening it!

"Too late.
I could not resist and was very surprised.  I think the Mag is great.  I loved the article on the first bike by Keith Brady so much so that I am tempted to write about my first Tiger Cub and the ill treatment and mishaps I had with it.  Of course it will be up to you whether you want to use it.  

I went to my bike club tonight and it seems that no one else has a Cub.  I will now read and fully digest all of the mag again.  

Thank you for such a great mag and look forward to No2.  

If you have a No 1 available I would love to buy that as well.
Regards Barry"

This was followed by another mail...

"...I managed to get a sub frame from Greystones. I bought some other bits as well so with my 10% discount I have nearly recovered my mag subscription.  Barry."


  1. Go for it Barry...write up your story from 'down-under'. I'm thinking about putting something together as I build my Trials cub. I think the other readers would find it interesting to see how it's done in Australia.From California...