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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Death of Data

Hi de hi, hello, yes, it's me, GBC with another apology (I'm a poet and you didn't know it...), so it goes like this.....the hard drive with the magazine and related files on it, has died a death and then guess what, the backup hard drive also died a death at around the same time.  Something fishy, perhaps?  I don't know, but I do know there are data recovery companies out there and when I've narrowed down the search to the best one, I will be crossing fingers and toes and sending the drive off to be 'recovered'.  Maybe I will have it covered in bright green, to match Yorkie - oh, no, wait, not THAT kind of 'recovered'!!

Thank you all so much for waiting patiently, and the best way to keep in touch about Cub Mag things is via Facebook - GBC's FB Page.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

MOT Exemption

Don't forget, all your pre-1960 Tiger Cubs and those Terriers of course, are MOT exempt, but you'll need one of these forms My Cub or Terrier is Exempt! to prove it.

Friday, 17 January 2014


Yes, hi, errr, hello, it's me, GBC.  Apologies for the silence, been busy as a bee!  Good news for all those patiently waiting for their October Cub Mag - probably about 80 of you - they are being printed right now, so give me the weekend to get them stapled, packed and posted and yours should be with you mid week.

In other news, hope you had a GREAT CHRISTMAS and 2014 so far, has been a HAPPY NEW YEAR, from all at Cubbie Towers.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Cub Mag October Issue

Just a little update to let you all know that the October issue will now actually be the November issue!  This is due to all the time spent on the Gallop, before, during and yes, after, too.  Huge thanks to all who have helped, supported and followed us on the adventure.  There will be a feature in the Oct/Nov issue (which will be published by the end of the month) and hopefully, Old Bike Mart will be running a feature in the next issue or two as well.  In the mean time, you'll find plenty of pics to look at here, and as time allows, we will try and load a few onto this page for all you non-Facebookees.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Cub Mag Back Issues - available now!

Here's what you've missed if you've only just found us....

ISSUE 1 - APRIL 2012
Editor's Ramblings
Readers Letters
Makin' Tracks - go on, take the Cub for a spin, try the Colonial road run, based in Northumberland...
Bantam Cub Road Test pt1 - Gorgeous Biker Chick pits a 1967 Bantam Cub against her 1962 humble Tiger Cub.
See No Evil - the BSA Starfire by Graham Blighe
Internet Feature - a little history of "The Cub Forum", by the Owner, Steve Aikens.
Price Watch
When I was in Oz... Captain Bill tells tales of racing, jumbling and a little bit of Cub buying on the other side of the world.
Spotlight on: Greystone Enterprises
Technically Talking - by Mike Estall
Jinxed: two and a half thousand miles to buy a bike!
The Birth of the Bible - how Mike Estall came to pen the incredibly
GBC's Cubbie Restoration Feature pt 1
Show Time!  A preview of the Shetland Classic show

ISSUE 2 - JULY 2012
Editor's Ramblings
Readers Letters
Makin' Tracks - get out on the Cub and take some photos, how about a visit to the Saundersfoot rally in Pembrokeshire.
Bantam Cub Road Test pt2 - GBC has to make a decision; what will it be?
See No Evil
The TERROR!!!  The only racing Terrier in existence, bored out to 230cc, previously owned by Martyn Adams.
Fancy a T20T?
Spotlight on: Scott Connell, Cub Collector/Restorer/Rider
Technically Talking - GBC's guide to replacing a gearbox sprocket the day before catching the ferry to Shetland.
Woody's Shed Find
Kit Review - Spada boots
GBC's Cubbie Restoration Feature pt 2
Price Watch
Show Time!  Launch of the Cub Mag at Stafford Show

Editor's Ramblings
Makin' Tracks 
My First Bike - Keith Brady's memories of his first Cub...and his first speeding ticket!
See No Evil - Roving reporter, Stu, pops along to Banbury to hunt for Terriers - and he finds one!
Trials Time, by Paul Beswick of Pre65 & Twin Shock Trials Parts.
Price Watch
Budget Build - Dave Mayle tells you how to build a trials Cub for less than a grand...
Spotlight on: Brett Baxter, manufacturer of Cub & Terrier spares
Technically Talking - Changing those main bearings can be a fuss, but here are Pat Press's Top Tips
Bermuda's Colourful Cubs Part 1: by Mike Estall
GBC's Cubbie Restoration Feature pt 3
Show Time!  A report from the new Lanark Show in May 2012

Editor's Ramblings
Makin' Tracks - Cathy Dunning's report and photos from the 2012 Saundersfoot Rally
The Definitive Guide to Petrol Tanks, by Mike Estall
See No Evil - A Confession from Steve Shipley...
Bermuda's Colourful Cubs Part 2: by Mike Estall
Trials Time, by Paul Beswick of Pre65 & Twin Shock Trials Parts.
Memories of a Tigress, by Keith Mellor
Price Watch
Spotlight On: Meriden Off Road, Cub spares suppliers and restorers
Technically Talking - Keith Brady shares his Top Tip for stripping & rebuilding your rear shocks, including a DIY spring compressor.
Cool Bike Man - Ricky Browning's Tiger Cub Tale
Tiger Cubs in Bermuda pt1 - by Zach Sagurs, President of the Bermuda Classic Bike Club. An insight into keeping these old bikes on the road, spares availability and the men who make the Cub community.
Show Time!  Tiger Cubs Converge on Shetland, June 2012

ISSUE 5 - APRIL 2013
Editor's Ramblings
Gaffers Gallop - preview
Makin' Tracks - the forthcoming Crich Classic Motorbike & Scooter Show
Whizzing Terrier : UNEARTHED
Les Lawson's Silver Dream Machine: fond memories of Les's first Cub
Price Watch
SPOTTED - Terriers & Cubs caught on camera around the country, but just are the owners?
Dan's Top Tip - don't lose the gearbox split pin ever again....
Trials Time, by Paul Beswick of Pre65 & Twin Shock Trials Parts.
Evolutionary Tiger Cubs - Muckle Flugga Man muses on the modern day Cub, and wonders what Turner would think of the advances in engineering.
Spirit Racing - Phil 'n' Sal take to the track.....(part 1)
Technically Talking - cavitation and agitation, our Merv gets all poetic when he delves into the murky world of ultrasonic cleaning and why it works.
GBC's Cubbie Restoration Feature pt 3
Tiger Cubs in Bermuda pt2 - by Zach Sagurs, President of the Bermuda Classic Bike Club. An insight into keeping these old bikes on the road, featuring a one-off interview with Clyde Boorman, the God of Tiger Cubs!
Show Time!  Scott-ish Cub Connoisseur reports on the jumble scene south of the border.

To order any of the back issues, to take out a new subscription or to renew a lapsed subscription, just send a quick email to gbc AT thecubmag.com (but change the AT to @ and remove the spaces, or it won't work!).

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Gaffers Gallop OFFICIAL ROUTE!!!

OFFICIAL route for Gaffers Gallop 2013 – compiled by GBC and Muckle Flugga Man (August 2013).

If anyone has any local knowledge of the roads and areas that we'll be using, please get in touch as we may need your help with getting through or around towns and cities, and if you spot that we've listed a place or a road that didn't exist in 1953, drop us a line to gbc AT thecubmag.com. If you should fancy tagging along for all or some of the way, again, just drop us a line to let us know when and where you plan to meet us.

DAY 1 Sun 6th Oct – morning leg
ROCHE 11:40 > following as much of the old A30 as possible to Redruth > Penzance > LANDS END (lunch @ Land’s End Hotel)

Afternoon leg
Return to Roche on same route > A389 > Bodmin > A30 > Launceston > A388 > (unclassified) Lifton > Bridestowe > Meldon >B3260 > Oakhampton > Ramsley > A382 > Cheriton Bishop > Tedburn St Mary > Five Mile Hill > Tedburn Road into EXETER
Overnight stop TBC. Photoshoot @ Imperial Hotel approx ETA 18:35
Turners mileage = 180

DAY 2 Mon 7th Oct – morning leg

EXETER > B3183 > Jack-in-the-Green > A30 > Honiton > A303 > South Petherton > A303 > Podimore > A37 (Fosse Way) > Shepton Mallet > Oakhill > A367 (Fosse Way) > Bath > A4 Chippenham > A350 > A429 > MALMESBURY (lunch @ Old Bell Hotel)

Afternoon leg
MALMESBURY > A429 > Cirencester >A429 > Stowe-on-the-Wold > A429 > Ettington > A429 >LEAMINGTON SPA
Overnight stop TBC. Photoshoot @ Regent Hotel, approx. ETA 16:05
Turners mileage = 163

DAY 3 Tues 8th Oct – morning leg
Leamington Spa 08:00 > the following TBC Meriden > Triumph @ Hinkley > A47 > round Leicester > A46 > Six Hills > Bingham > A6097 > White Post > A614 > Ollerton > A614 > A1 > Blyth > A614 > Bawtry > A638 > Doncaster > A1 > Ferrybridge > old A1 > Wetherby > A168 > BOROUGHBRIDGE (lunch)

Afternoon leg
Boroughbridge > A168 >J49 A1(M) for 12 miles > J50 > A6055 > A1 > Catterick > Scotch Corner > A66 > Bowes > Brough > Appleby-in-Westmoreland (tea stop) > Penrith > A6 > High Hesket > CARLISLE
Overnight stop TBC. Photoshoot @ Crown & Mitre Hotel, approx. ETA 18:00
Turners mileage = 246

DAY 4 Wed 9th Oct – morning leg
Carlisle 08:00 > old road along M6 > Gretna > B7076 > Ecclefechan > Lockerbie > Beattock > A702 > Crawford > A702 > A73 > Lanarak > A73 > Airdrie > A73 > Cumbernauld > A8011 > B816 > Castlecary >A803 > Longcroft > A872 > Denny > A872 > Stirling > Causewayhead Rd (A9) > B8033 > Dunblane > B8033 > A9 > Gleneagles > PERTH (lunch @ Salutation Hotel

Afternoon leg
Perth > A9 (old road where poss) > Dunkeld > Pitlochry > Dalwhinnie (tea stop) > Kingussie > INVERNESS
Overnight stop TBC. Photoshoot @ Caledonian Hotel, approx. ETA 18:30
Turners mileage = 263

DAY 5 Thur 10th Oct
Inverness 07:00 > A862 > Beauly > Dingwall > A9 > Alness > B9176 > A836 > Bonar Bridge > A949 > A9 > Golspie > Helmsdale > Berriedale Braes > A9 > A99 > Wick > A99 > John O’ Groats > WICK
Photoshoot @ JOG approx. 12pm, photoshoot @ Wick approx. ETA 12:50
Turners mileage = 158

Day 6 Fri 11th Oct
Cubbie Towers - SLEEPING!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Issue 6 - July 2013

Due out soon - but if you took out your subscription in July 2012, now is a good time to renew!  Email gbc AT thecubmag.com if you have not had a Paypal reminder for this period.

ISSUE 6 will include articles on - - -

The Gaffers Gallop Special - profiles of the runners and riders, supporters and sponsors, plus the route details and timings.

Ex-Serco Martyn Adams talks to The Cub Mag.

Mike Estall's Top Tip - fix your wobbly ignition switch.

My First Cub - Aussie style!

Price Watch - keep an eye on those market forces

Controversial Cub - "the Cub was always around and about, normally with a flat battery, a 'tax in post' note in the holder and refusing to start...."

For a few more updates on the Gaffers Gallop, pop over to www.gorgeousbikerchick.com