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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Cub Mag Subscription Details.

After several months of research and costing exercises, I have finally pinned down the prices for The Cub Mag.

The following prices are for a ONE YEAR subscription including postage, meaning you will receive 4 full colour A5 magazines a year starting from April 2012.

UK - £12
EU - £18
Rest of world / USA £20

All prices are in GBP and subscriptions will be open in the next couple of days. Hopefully. Banks permitting. If you have any questions please just drop me a line to gbc AT thecubmag.com

Even though you can't send any payment just yet, you can still RESERVE YOUR COPY NOW!!!! EMAIL gbc AT thecubmag.com


  1. A thought....those of us in the former Colonies can't get our grubby mitts on the coin of the realm per se, will there be a Pay Pal option available?

  2. I'm working on all the overseas options Bodge, and Paypal it seems, charges a fairly hefty whack for currency conversion. I've got all the options written down with pros and cons for both me and the customer, so I'll get those sorted into what seems the best deal and then post the details. Do banks over there charge for making payments direct to a British bank? If what they told me is true (it's a bank - hah!) there is no charge for foreign currency payments to be received at this end.

    1. Not sure about that one....like you say, they're banks, one might charge and another might not charge.

      Think with an account number, I could pay on-line directly into the subscription like I would by paying bills on-line.

      I'll email ya shortly and maybe we can get an subscription number set and try it that way.