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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Free Free Free!!!

Yep, you heard right, FREE FREE FREE!!! But just what am I on about? I'm on about the very lucky Mr Ross, who recently won a YEARS FREE SUBSCRIPTION to The Cub Mag. What a lucky chap. All he had to do was score the most points in the Grampian Classic MCC annual pool competition and the prize was his. If you'd like a Cub Mag sub to give away as a special prize in your bike club (doesn't have to be to a Cub owner), you'd better get in touch - and make it quick 'cos there will only be a limited number available.

(The Cub Mag reserve the right to, er, back out of this offer if hundreds of people apply for free subs to give away within their bike club and it threatens to bankrupt the mag!)

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