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Monday, 9 January 2012

Cub engine boffin required.

You might be aware than I have part shares in a Cub called Yorkie (well, it makes life easier to give your bikes names, otherwise how do you tell one Cub from another?). My input so far has been to choose the colour, and in due course, I'm sure I'll get a ride or several on it. Anyway, the main share holder wants to have a roller big end fitted and hasn't got the time or facilities to do it as a DIY project. So can anyone recommend someone who knows a bit about Cubs and can do this small job plus the rest of the engine refurb? Don't mind sending it away, might even be able to drop it off if its someone between Cubbie Towers (Aberdeenshire) and VMCC HQ (Burton on Trent). Would prefer to use someone as recommended by another Cubber if poss.

Contact gbc AT thecubmag.com please if you can help.


  1. Check your email concerning a lad in Derbyshire. Don't know if he can do owt, but worth a try.