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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Lanark Show 2013

I know it seems early but the info from Mortons re the 2nd Lanark show, to be held on 11/12th May this year, has already landed in the inbox.  The Cub Mag put a stand together last year entitled The Scottish Cub Fest, and we'd like to do it all over again.  If you have a Cub or Terrier, be it road, trials, race, project, pretty, not so pretty, used and / or lovingly abused, then we need you, and it, on the stand.  We can't help out with any transport costs or the like, but we are a friendly bunch and we'd like to meet you and your Cub (or Terrier, actually, especially your Terrier), and we could probably stretch to a cup of coffee, maybe even a biscuit too....  If you've never done this kind of thing before, all you need to do is transport your bike/s to Lanark on the right date, and help us set up the stall.  We have loads of Cub related posters, pics and bits and pieces but if you have some you'd like to show off, then by all means bring them along too.  We would like each owner to take a turn on the stall during the weekend, but if we all give an hour or so, you'll still have plenty of time to look around the show - which by the way, is ALL INDOORS this year, and the bikes are looked after by Security at night.  Then you simply pack up your bike and head home on Sunday after its all over.  Simples, as they say!  Each person who puts a bike on our stand will receive a free ticket to the show.  There is onsite camping for vans/campers etc and loads of B&Bs nearby.  So, if you're interested, drop Gorgeous Biker Chick a line to gbc AT thecubmag.com but remember to change the AT to @ and remove the spaces.....


  1. There, I've gone and done it...checked the 'cool' and 'interesting' boxes, now what happens?? Actually that show does look cool and interesting. I read somewhere at a blog recently that the UK has more motorcycle events per capita than just about anywhere...probably true.

  2. I thought I'd replied to this comment....there certainly do seem to be a whole host of bike events in the UK, with every aspect catered for, from classic to homebuild to race to offroad, you name it, we have it.