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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Plan So Far...

A lot of thought and planning has gone into The Cub Mag so far, and this is what we've come up with -
*an A5 size publication - easy to fit in your pocket/Cub tool box
*loadsa pages in full colour - just had to add another page to the first issue to make room for more articles
*subscription only, quarterly publication
*road tests on different models of Cub
*restoration stories
*service / supplier features
*Cub quiz with Great Prizes.....hopefully....maybe....well, a prize of some sort anyway!
*nostalgia series
*profiles of owners and bikes
*off road section
*for sale & wanted section
*product / book reviews
*spotted Cubs
*readers stories of Cub adventures
*techy tips
*10% discount to subscribers from Greystone Enterprises
*forthcoming events - which leads me to add that I'm also planning some sort of Cub Gathering for summer 2012...that bit remains Top Secret for just a while longer though...

Features in Issue 1 will include...
*an article by Mike Estall, author of the Cub Bible
*an article by Steve Aiken on the beginnings and growth of his Tiger Cub Forum www.cubsite.com/cubforum/index.php">www.cubsite.com/cubforum/index.php
*restoration feature by none other than Gorgeous Biker Chick
*1966 Bantam Cub road test

And what we need from you...
*some off road coverage, muddy Cubs
*overseas content - tell us what it's like to restore a British bike somewhere other than Britain (although if you're in Britain you can still tell us about your restoration!)
*nostalgia - stories of the Cubs glory days, did you race one? Did you trial one when photographs were black and white? Did you rub shoulders with Jim Alves or Roy Peplow?
*what sort of events do you take your Cub or Terrier to nowadays? VMCC runs? Green laning? What about the Colonial in Northumberland....?
*there could even be a page for the 'I used to have one', or the 'I'm looking for a Cub' so get in touch and tell us.
*more Terrier Tails - all you hear about is Cubs Cubs Cubs, what about the Cub's predecessor?

I know a lot of people who say they can't write. Don't fret about that. Just jot down the basics; dates, names, locations and then the rest, well, it'll be easier to fill in the blanks. Something else I'd like to feature too, is Cubs and Terriers spotted at random when you're out and about - take a photo, send it in and we'll see if the owner reads The Cub Mag!

***YOU DON'T NEED TO OWN A CUB / TERRIER TO SUBSCRIBE, we'll soon convert you!***

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