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Monday, 28 November 2011

Greystone Enterprises.

We all use Greystone Enterprises for our Cub and Terrier spares, but do you know anything about Derek and Adrian? Well I do - after a flying visit to their base in Kent, I've got a nice lotta photos and some background about the business to put in Issue 1 of The Cub Mag which should be out in April 2012. Also have some more ideas about the Cub Gathering, so watch this space, as they say.


  1. It all seems to work well, like a well fettled Cub...pop, pop, pop...
    Got here from the link at Bodgers site.

  2. Works better than any Cub i ever saw - not a drip of black, black oil anywhere! Nor rattles!
    Actually looks very good, nice blog panel on a "scenic" blue/green background. Might even subscribe!

  3. Looking good, GBC - I look forward to more!