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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Future Cub Mag Issues...

...will contain articles featuring...

Building a budget trials Cub.

B&B Engineering; the inside story.

Didn't everyone learn to ride on a Tiger Cub?  Keith Brady did.

Banbury Report - Tiger Cub spotted!!!

Scottish Cub Fest - report from the first ever Lanark Bike Show.

Pilot Peter's restoration.

Trick trials Cubs - you want mods?  You want light weight?  You want a clutch you can operate using just your little finger?  You want an oil in frame Cub?  You need some trick mods in that case!

Supplier of Cub brake linings.

Hey, we're going to Bermuda!

Evo Cubs - taking the baby Triumph to new levels with options for 218cc right up to 270cc.  Oh yes!

...plus much much more.  If you want to get your hands on a copy of The Cub Mag just send an email to Gorgeous Biker Chick on gbc AT thecubmag.com but make sure you change the AT to @ and remove the spaces.


  1. To be never seen again!

    And I promise GBC that I'll have my article about the mysterious Tiger Cub that never was done! I promise, I really do!!!!!

  2. Correction :- Banbury Report, TERRIER spotted!!!

    Here's to another cracking bedtime read in October

  3. Just seeing if you were paying attention Stu!

    Looking forward to it Bodge...

    Yeah Larry, Bermuda, near Aberdeen, tee hee! Only kidding, you'll have to wait and see what its all about....