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Monday, 28 May 2012

The Cub Mag Computer is broken!

GBC's main pooter is currently down and out and not working, apologies to anyone waiting for a response to Cub Mag enquiries or waiting for a magazine. Don't let that stop you emailing her tho if you would like to subscribe to the mag = gbc AT thecubmag.com, but don't expect an instant reply! She should be getting a bit to fix it today or tomorrow but you know how these things go. After dealing with Cub Mag things when she's back online I'm sure she'll get those pics and vids up on the blog!!! Mrs BC.


  1. So you say ya might need a bigger hammer for that pooter? Have an extra large 'Compo-cast' Dead-blow hammer that will take care of that, and probably not damage the shed floor too much...

  2. Haha, send it over Larry, think I'm gonna need it!