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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Another Cub 'Tail'....

Just received another brilliant Cub story from a chap by the name of Jinx, over in Florida. His association with Tiger Cubs began in his teenage years, and now, just a few years on, Jinx shares his tale of searching for, and finding a 1965 T20SC (Street Competition) model in America. The only problem was, it was nearly a THREE THOUSAND mile round trip to pick it up - Ebay eh!

Was a Cub your first bike? Do you have a story to share - maybe you can beat the 3000 mile trip to purchase a T20? Maybe we'll have to put up a prize for the person who went to the greatest lengths to get their paws on a Tiger Cub or Terrier!


  1. "greatest lengths to get their paws on a Tiger Cub or terrier!".....nice play on words there GBC.

    Once I figure out how to get some pics of "Amelia" and "Vicky" into a ZIP file folder thing, I'll bung it off through the 'web. Some as got and at present shots.

  2. Yep! The cub was my first bike. I was 21 and just joined the Royal Australian Airforce. The cub was a 1961 T20. Unfortunately, being single, horny and for the first time away from home wearing a dashing uniform, theI never really appreciated the T20; you guys have been there right?
    Now, at almost 67 years of age, only one of the above has disappeared. I have found a real love for the cub. I picked up a basket case last year and I'm setting out to restore this one back to the way my first cub was; even to the badges I had on the bike. One major difference, this one is a T20s/L

    Pictures will follow.